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Announced: 16.11.2021 17:35. Last modified: 08.02.2022 15:45

Current average repair of the public highway of local significance О1703038 Глобине - Горбы - Бугаївка on the section km 0 + 000 - km 22 + 300 of Kremenchuk district of Poltava region (separate sections) ». (Code DK 021: 2015 - 45230000-8 Construction of pipelines, communication lines and power lines, highways, roads, airfields and railways; leveling of surfaces) -

Tender ID UA-2021-11-16-014286-a  
ID 20dfb5145ecc4ee683a4c48a6d59549f  
Expected price
139`914`258.00 Hryvnia
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The tender offer submitted by the bidder is evaluated by the customer at the reduced price, which is calculated automatically by the electronic procurement system at the time of submission of the bid by the bidder according to the mathematical formula PP = P / (1 + F1 / PV), where: PP - reduced price; P - price; F1 - the share of other evaluation criteria proposed by the participant; PV - the share of the criterion "price". The share of the price criterion (PV) is 70%. The share of other criteria (F1) is 30%. Date and time of opening of tender offers: 17.12.2021 23:00 (According to item 10 of part 2 of Article 21 of the Law "On Public Procurement")

Procurement entity

Official name GovE SE "Agency of Local Roads of Poltava Region"  
Expected price 139`914`258.00 Hryvnia (VAT included)  
Amount of the minimal step of auction 699`571.29 Hryvnia  
Providing tender offer (e-warranty) 4`000`000.00 Hryvnia  
Purchase procedure Open procurement published in English  
Method of evaluation of tender offers of participants Evaluation of bids of bidders on the lowest bid  
till 07.12.21
Complaint period
till 13.12.21
Bid apply
till 17.12.21
from 17.12.2021
Offers considered
till 24.01.2022
from 24.01.22
Offers considered
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